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Cody Lane

This south eastern beauty was born in Lowell, Kentucky and it is there where she currently resides. Cody considers Lowell a great town, because of the good people around, and their amazing food. Although, having started her career in Los Angeles, California; Cody is not a big fan of Hollywood.

She prefers the clubs located in the south. She was a dancer at a strip club back home. Cody has been in the industry for about a year now. She started back in 2006, when she was contacted through her profile on line for nude modeling. Since then has been a part of approximately 70 scenes. In a recent Bang Bros interview, she admits her pet peeves are people who talk too much, people who are ignorant.

What turns her on in a man, are full lips, dark complexion, dark hair, and a man who is witty. Cody loves kissing; she loves it so much, her and her girlfriends kiss each other all the time. She is all about having fun, she’s always with her friends back home, where they spend their time riding bikes and shopping.

Cody has won acclaim as an aspiring talent, and she was recently nominated for a 2008 AVN Adult Movie Award. Expect to see more of her shining in the future.

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Cody Lane

4 thoughts on “Cody Lane Bio At Bang Bro Network!”

  1. Wozzer says:

    Look you probably get a ton load a these mails and if this is really you reading this know this: you are proabably the most amazin girl i’ve ever layed eyes on. I can’t really say much more than that but if youwanna get to know me better (and no not for sex) then add me. 🙂

    No I won’t give you msn or whatever to all my mates .

  2. CLFAN says:

    This beauty is from LOUISVILLE KENTUCKY, not Lowell KY.

    She is gorgeous.

  3. Johnny Paycheck says:

    Hey, I totally laughed my arse off with that comment, 2 above mine! Like she will give out her Addy!

    Never knew she was from the South, thats more of a turn on. Although I havn’t really seen much of her stuff she is very cute. I did actually see this weird choking one, that was pretty awfull.

    Porn is actually not really my think but Cody is very cute. Can she not do more laid back stuff, and maybe not her getting choked?

  4. SECgirl says:

    I am a girl, and i like porn. good porn, not the kind of porn that portrays the female as a sex toy. I just saw a vid of this girl letting three guys pretty much beat the shit out of her while they put their dicks in every hole she had. It looked very painful and not enjoyable. They did this to her for a good long 30 minutes. (not that I watched every bit.) It is videos like that one i saw, that really make me wonder if she really enjoys what she does or if she has serious issues.
    Now don’t get me wrong, if you want to have sex in front of a camera more power to ya! But good grief child…they were tearing you to pieces!!

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